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AUTONOMY Will Give You Everything You Need to Learn

 for Lifelong Success In 12 Weeks


FACT: 87% of Employees are unhappy with their jobs. – FORBES

For anyone looking to challenge themselves to break through to their next level, AUTONOMY is a course of action which empowers individuals to overcome substantial challenges and gain meaningful results. Unlike traditional universities, AUTONOMY has a success assurance team and multiple layers of structure to ensure that you can actually leverage what you learn and catalyze your potential in life. 

Definition of Autonomy:  “Liberty to follow one’s will, personal freedom.”  

– Oxford English Dictionary, definition 1b.

You’re Making a Lot of Bricks…

But What Are You Building With Your Life?



This Course Is For You If You Want To:

  • Speak knowledgeably and comfortably with ease
  • Present your ideas with a winning methodology
  • Be taken seriously and communicate effectively
  • Outgrow your current position and improve future prospects of your career
  • Outgrow the fear of scarcity, loss, or embarrassment
  • Heighten your self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-esteem
  • ​Get your needs met without violating anyone’s volition
  • Land that job you want or get that raise you deserve

Do You Seek More Meaning, Substance,

and Competence In Your Life?

Unfortunately, what most people are seeking is not provided by the current system of schooling, university, and employment.

When blocked from their goals, people become frustrated and aggressive, making them perfect customers for either medication or incarceration. 

What if it were still possible to go from where you are today, to any point on the road to success that you wish to be on?

INNOVATION: Unlike our competition, we actually empower individuals to ignite a life-long love of learning and inspire them to take actions which bring about prosperity, stability, health & happiness.

A swiss-army knife for life

The Tools of Success Have Been Purposely Scattered and Hidden

These methods, principles, strategies and tactics are revealed over a 12-week Course of Action and Your Skills Are Built In Parallel to the Lectures.

It’s a one-stop shop for success

AUTONOMY Season 01 Grads met In Real Life during the Red Pill Expo in Hartford CT, June 7-9th, 2019.


Happiness is not an accident – it is the universal yield of however you define success.   Autonomy is the roadmap to happiness and success;  the blueprint to address priorities and attain your goals. 


Elevate to a higher awareness.  

Observe where you are and identify where you want to be with the vision to see why.


With a True North understanding of the world around you and the terrain ahead you will never again wind up where you started.


Time is your greatest asset.  

You are accountable for how you spend the 1,440 minutes of each day.

Synchronizing purpose and effort is how you bring goals into focus. Accomplishing more with less effort, efficiently, taking control of your time.


You have an interest in gratitude and self-satisfaction.  Knowing how to differentiate assets and liabilities helps clarify your needs and wants.

  Step back and appreciate what you value most.  Exchange a scarcity mindset for an abundant life of personal and financial investment.


Action moves project to completion and you naturally stack your success.

From spark to flame, you innovate and persist, constantly redefining what is possible.

​You explore opportunities and improve your process to overcome adversity.


Integrity – doing what you say when you say you’re going to do it is the foundation of your network.  

The ultimate thumbs up! 


Your reputation of being dependable and responsible creates ​relationships that​ supercharge your ideas​.


You are authentic and add value.  

​Autonomy empowers you to fill the gap of knowledge and experience by constructing a bridge of repeatable and reliable success time after time. 

Go beyond affirmations ​and build layer upon layer of self-trust.

Sometimes the Best Parts of the Journey are the Friends You Make Along the Way

Have you Taken Online Courses Before?

What worked for you?

What didn’t?

Here’s why AUTONOMY is unlike any other course offered – ever.

Break Free from Years of Propaganda

Discover the Essential Tools of Personal

and Economic Prosperity.

Between kindergarten and high school graduation the average student is subject to 15,000 hours in the classroom; 24,041 hours of various forms of network programming.Yet, there isn’t a school on the planet that will teach you what it takes to be Autonomous.Autonomy is the epitome of education and therefore the antithesis of schooling.Autonomy isn’t giving you what you want…

It’s giving you what you need to get what you want.

Managers & executives can’t find enough qualified applicants; entrepreneurs fail more often than they have to all because of the absence of these individual skill sets which equate to systematic success.



When you discover the knowledge and tools that the wealthy and powerful

have kept hidden from you for over a century, you’ll understand how to:

  • Handle various responsibilities systematically and easily.
  • Be present and focus on the moment. 
  • Be productive in a way that creates abundance.
  • Pay Your Bills.
  • Take step after step leading you to milestones on your path to achieving the goals you set for yourself.
  • Have confidence in progress on your journey.
  • Pay for your desired lifestyle by owning assets which deliver recurring revenue on a consistent basis.
  • Be able to take strategic and tactical actions which alleviate worries and concerns.
  • Consistently call upon a single method to decipher and resolve the problems, challenges, and conflicts which arise from daily life.

What would it take for you to achieve that ‘future you” in time, energy and money?

lf you could do it without the tools of self-reliance, wouldn’t you have done it by now?

Without the tools for self-reliance, you’re like a race car without wheels. You’re going nowhere.

But once you have the wheels firmly fitted to your ride…

You’ll be speeding past into a rich life of prosperity & happiness.

Autonomy allows you to fill this gap in knowledge, experience, and confidence by building a bridge to reliable success, time after time.

    Here’s a Breakdown of the AUTONOMY Course of Action

The Paramount Online CourseYou will unleash the tools of self-reliance.



Orientation and Expectations 

-How to consistently add value to the lives of others

-How to be accountable

-How to adopt and maintain an attitude of gratitude

-How to create and maintain a culture of excellence

-Why the value of integrity is important in all aspects of life


Unlocking your Potential

-Investments of time and energy

-Your potential is immense

-Identify, question, focus, action

-Learn the habits of schooling

-Why learning transforms fear into knowledge and experience


Igniting your Potential

-Knowledge of self and reality

-Tools of success and happiness

-Opportunity to invest your time

-Learn how to use experience as life skills

-Learn the rewards of cognition and physical liberty


Directing your Potential

-Identify your path on your journey to success

-Freedom is focus

-Patience pays off

-Liberty-based solutions for global problems

-What comes from creating thinking


The Productive Mindset of Prosperity

-Identify invisible problems

-How to self-motivate

-How to maintain motivational momentum

-How to avoid decision fatigue

-Learn actions to invest in yourself


The Productive Skills Sets of Prosperity

-Build your confidence through repetition

-Recognize limiting and successful beliefs

-Collecting skills you need for your life’s journey

-How to put success on you schedule to success

-Learn how success is born from productivity


The High Value Skill Sets of Prosperity 

-What are liabilities

-What are assets

-Skills to pay the bills

-The Art of Sales

-Why listening is important to selling



-Writing copy that converts

-What you should know about email lists and email auto responders

-How to start you email list

-How to turn email copy into a valued email

-Learn the importance of building an email relationship


Internet Marketing

-Optimization of resources

-How to communicate value and present an offer

-How to be internet literate

-Learn how to provide a valuable product

-Learn internet marketing framework and methodologies


Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting

-How to capitalize on your life skills

-Why You Should Consider Freelancing & Consulting

-Setting up a portfolio career for yourself

-Learn what is the difference between coaching, mentoring and consulting

-Learn your niche market

-Learn how to set up your own business


Elements of Entrepreneurism 

-Gain confidence through action

-Build self confidence in others

-How you can be a valuable asset to the course of action

-Learn the power of self-expression

-Make money from the internet


Graduation & Beyond

  • Basics of Being Your Own Boss
  • Your Audience
  • Your Product / Service
  • Your Offer
  • Product Mix
  • Sales
  • Digital Assets
  • Internet Marketing Infrastructure
  • Lead Magnets
  • Opt-ins
  • Quizzes
  • Email Autoresponders
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Copywriting
  • Testimonials
  • Course Ideas
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Advertising
  • Public Speaking & Presentation
  • Customer Service
  • Business Plans
  • Fundraising
  • Affiliates & Partners
  • Investing
  • Real Estate
  • Stock Market
  • Crypto Market
  • The Unknown


Soft systems: What something sounds like. i.e. how you answer the phone, how you greet customers, how you deal with complaints, how you sell, upsell, cross sell and follow up.  

  • How to Learn Anything –
  •     Auto Didactic
  • How to manage time
  • How to document your time
  • How to create an Annual Self-Reliance Plan
  •     (for individuals and families)
  • How to prioritize
  • How to take notes
  • How to process notes to make them into assets instead of liabilities
  • Skills to develop discipline and work ethic
  • How to listen
  • How to focus
  • How to combine discipline + templates / methods to = Success
  • How to communicate
  • How to solve a puzzle (fun way to solve “problems”)
  • How to be mentally prepared for success
  • How to target subject areas of research for study
  • How to survey resources available
  • How to learn new skills
  • How to start your own business
  • How to get a job
  • How to earn extra money
  • How to never be desperate
  • How to turn words into money
  • How to manage your money
  • How to delegate
  • How to enjoy financial confidence
  • How to pass on the wealth to future generations
  • How to be healthy
  • How to enjoy the fruits of your labor
  • How to inspire others to catalyze their potential and explore cognitive liberty


My goal is to present you with the missing components which comprise reliable, consistent method of achieving success in a practical, useful way. 

As I present the various components of the course, I’ll issue a report card to you where

you can rate my performance in terms of practical applicability;

this ensures that this is not a “rhetorical” course, but rather a hands-on, participatory learning environment.

YOU WILL transition from home work to work from home, 

or wherever you want to be as you learn to prosper – and repeat.



Instead of wandering aimlessly, hoping to find what you’re looking for, let Autonomy provides you with a compass and a map so you can actively get to where you want to be.

​What are you waiting for?


One of my degrees is from MIT and they didn’t expose me to these kind of executive skills which i now leverage every day while at work.

Luis Palacios-Senior Consulting Engineer

I got 10 times the value I expected from my time working with Richard Grove.  

Every time I talk to Richard, his personal coaching  helps me make more money.

Darrell Becker  Chief Marketing Officer, Co-FounderContent is Safe

A true beacon for liberty.  I’d say that one of my biggest struggles was coming to terms with the idea that things are not as they seem.

In other words, money, politics, government, religion, these various institutions and ideas all seem to run very differently than how we are trained to believe via our 15,000 hours of compulsory schooling and who knows how many hours of indoctrination via the idiot-box.

Dr. Sebastian Castelli 

Michael Kesling

“Even though I was a manager for 7 or 8 years, just based only on my 3 days experience on Discord in the Autonomy course, my ability as a manager has doubled.

(I spent an entire week not logging onto Discord because I was so worried with how I would do, that took longer than it did to realize progress).”

Michael Kesling  Scientist

“I have to tell you I am truly impressed in the changes I have seen in my husband so far, since he joined the Tragedy and Hope community and engaged in the AUTONOMY course. 

He has always been very disciplined and committed but now I see a shift and greater focus towards the bigger picture. Hope that makes sense, it’s hard to describe.”

Colleen Eckart I.T. Consultant

Denyne Foss

“I originally took this course to learn how to organize myself better for our family’s homeschooling experience. I wanted to learn how to learn. I am thrilled that at only seven weeks into the course I have improved my productivity, communication with my children, relationships, confidence at community events, and a high degree of increased skills for a prosperous future.

I now know I am capable of making a rational and informed decision on my own behalf. The AUTONOMY course is a lifestyle that is worth every dollar in value”.

Denyne Foss -Mother of 3

100% Money Back Guarantee


Most new learning experiences seem complex at first, and then after practice appear as simple; the experience being learned does not change, You do – as you learn and practice.

AUTONOMY will teach you how to think critically, define your goals,  develop strategy and tactics, communicate clearly to solve problems creatively and collaboratively.

Get a proven roadmap to economic independence and prosperity using the tools of critical thinking, self-directed learning, and online entrepreneurship.

Still on the fence? There’s more…​​


Resolving conflicts is profitable – ​personally, socially and finanially.You will learn how to identify and resolve the merry-go-round of conflict.


Autonomy provides a roadmap to cohesively move forward with a thorough understanding of your thoughts, leading to actions in unity with reason.

“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and roundI really love to watch them roll.  No longer riding on the merry-go-roundI just had to let it go.” – John Lennon, “Watching the Wheels

Is it time to defrag the hard drive between your ears?



Mainstream media, public schools, and universities don’t prepare us to understand how the world works in reality.  Learn how to inform yourself and become your own best authority by studying the areas of your priorities.

What is the current method by which you:

Manage Your Time?

Learn Anything You Desire?

Validate the Contents of Your Mind?

Identify When You are Being Lied To or Deceived?

Formulate Strategic Communications?

Resolve Disputes?

Solve Problems? 

Create Successful Projects?

AUTONOMY is the ultimate Bullshit Detector / Spin Decryption.








* BONUS ITEM People who practice Autonomy set their own bedtime, wake up when they want, and spend their days living a high quality of life. 🙂


Requirements: Read, Think, Write, Speak; the ability to form new beneficial habits.

100% confidence you can make this work for you, if you learned to walk, and talk, you can do this.

Average cost of college: $__________

Does that guarantee that you are going to have what you need to survive and thrive in today’s world? 

There’s a reason why college degrees don’t come with guarantees.

Ready For The Next Step?

Ifyoucan recognize the problem and you’re seeking a comprehensive solution

that helps you save money and make money, you’re going to benefit immensely.









Personal Story to Prospective Thinker:

“If you’re at a turning point where you’re interested in learning but don’t have the time to do it from scratch,

I can relate – I had to start from scratch, without a map. 

But as I learned to navigate and measure the landscape, I created a map.

You can do this if you have no prior experience, or formal education (i.e. “I’ve taught others, and I can teach you.”)

The world is complex, the answers are well hidden, most don’t know where or how to look or what it looks like

Problem is that you don’t have the time to work from a clean slate… you need a blueprint.

How can someone with no experience like me learn how to learn anything?

Ex “As a critical thinker you won’t have to wander through life hoping that things go your way,

you can learn how the world works, and take actions which deliver consistent results.”

The Elephant in the Room: FEAR

Fear. The darkness of the unknown or yet-to-be seen. You might be thinking that this is too big of a challenge to undertake, that you might not be disciplined enough to prioritize time in your calendar to integrate the useful knowledge and wisdom encapsulated in this course. Maybe. But what if you could muster the discipline and integrate this knowledge into your skillset, allowing your potential to blossom. If you can do that, you can overcome your fear with planning, learning, and growing in the light direction.

If you’ve read this far and haven’t purchased yet, you either decided to purchase but first thought “I should read everything before purchasing”, or you’re on the fence and listening to your “little voice”. It’s okay. We all have one, and as we read it weighs the balance of the opportunity– but we never talk about it out loud.

Your Little Voice -> Pros/Cons, Aspirations and Dreams vs. Fears and Doubts.

Conscience to be conscientious. It’s learned to be wary of offers, and for good reason.


Which voice is going to win? Your Little Voice is for Protection, Listen to it, reason with it. If you don’t argue with the negative voice, who’s going to win? 

There’s no risk here, we guarantee you’ll learn how to think more clearly and learn more easily using the techniques in our courses.

Your Choice. To Think, or Not to Think, That is the Question.

How Does Learning Pertain to Life?


Are these two skill sets related?

What have successful people learned on their own that has enabled them to

drop out of high-school or college and STILL be incredibly successful?

You wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t interested in igniting your potential,

you’re interested in learning new skills and refining your ability to think and communicate clearly. 

So there are 3 options:

1. You can give up on your dream of being autonomous.

2. You can invest the same work I did, without a map, over years and years.

3. You can invest in the Autonomy course, and leverage the benefit of knowledge transfer.

What sounds more reasonable?

The Autonomy methodology and non-linear curriculum delivers results; if you integrate the method

it will work for you, and it never runs out of batteries.

Still not ready to decide?  Continue your AUTONOMY journey by learning how to outgrow your status quo.


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