Autonomy is Freedom from Groupthink

Written by MudHen Jr

Posted On September 27, 2020

Autonomy is the human psychological condition of freedom.

A student of autonomy is forever cultivating the intellectual skills that enable freedom. They are free from groupthink, regardless of the conditions of the world around them. Self-directed learning is their secret. And for a student of autonomy, the self-directed learning never ends.

But it’s easy to be autonomous in a society that values the individual.

For one to hone their autonomy skills, challenges are necessary. A global technocratic dictatorship would be the ultimate practice dojo.

Well good news, Autonomy neophyte.

You’re in the perfect place to master the art and science of autonomy.

The endlessly reauthorized Patriot Act establishes the modern surveillance grid. The 2012 NDAA legalizes propaganda. FASAB 56 removes any remaining financial transparency and accountability for federal government entities (and their affiliates like the Federal Reserve). And that’s just in the United States. It’s odd that the self-proclaimed shepherds of humanity would take the time to legalize deception. Maybe it helps them sleep better.

Regardless, propaganda is our reality now, and the distractions manufactured to facilitate and obscure the centralization of power are nefarious beyond the average person’s ability to comprehend. They choose not to investigate the incestuous web of ownership between banking, media, government, academia, and military-industrial institutions. They choose to allow their perceptions to be shaped and directed. They have surrendered their capacity to think for themselves.

“Look over here. Don’t look over there.”

But why can some see through the deceptions when so many others are fooled?

Is it because they are smarter? No. It’s because they know they are not smarter; they are harder at work. Students of autonomy are always working to improve their reasoning skills, a task that never ends. The appeal to authority and circular reasoning that is enough to gas-light others into capitulation is only a spark to ignite their self-directed learning. And the more a student of autonomy works that muscle, the harder they are to fool.

Freedom from groupthink, freedom from a scarcity mentality, and freedom from fear are all benefits enjoyed by individuals who choose to live autonomously.

But achieving autonomy requires that you rely on your own faculties to decide what’s right and wrong. You are required to think for yourselves. You cannot outsource thinking, like so many others that surround you. Autonomy is work. And, in my opinion, it’s the most rewarding work you can do.

I started my journey toward autonomy decades ago, but I wasted many years trading my time for dollars working jobs that did not bring me satisfaction. Lacking exposure to many of the ideas presented in Richard Grove’s Autonomy course, I didn’t believe I could do better. I wish I had a resource like this when I was younger. I encourage you to TAKE YOUR NEXT STEP: CLICK HERE to learn more…

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Written by MudHen Jr

I'm an Autonomy graduate enjoying the transition from successful wage slave to autonomous entrepreneur.

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Moral Agency begets Autonomy, and Autonomy begets Moral Agency.

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