Do you ever wonder what true liberation feels like?

Gain The High-Value Skills For Lifelong Success In Just 12 Weeks

Give yourself what you need to live at a higher level.


Discover the Essential Tools of Self-Reliance and Economic Prosperity


Forge meaningful relationships with other individuals on their quests to freedom


Be able to take strategic and tactical actions that alleviate worries and concerns


Exchange a scarcity mindset for one of abundance, growth, and unlimited possibilities


Break free from years of propaganda by fortifying your intellectual self-defense


Speak knowledgeably and present your ideas in a way so people will take you seriously


Discover how to craft a compelling offer and present it to those who need it most

AUTONOMY will show you how to consistently call upon a single method to decipher and resolve the problems, challenges, and conflicts which arise from daily life.

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Thousands of hours being schooled and you’re STILL left without a roadmap

Between kindergarten and high school graduation, the average student is subject to 15,000 hours in the classroom; 24,041 hours of various forms of network programming.

Only to find themselves dropped into a world with no map and no compass.

We have been subjected to a system that instills a sense of learned helplessness and appeal to authority.

Compulsory schooling does not prepare today’s adults to survive and thrive in the world – not without giving up their essential freedoms and morals.

This is because the public education system is a breeding ground for state propaganda and indoctrination… and this is no accident. It’s by design.

Every day, you are being sent into battle with no sword and no shield

Those in control don’t want you to think for yourself. They’ve intentionally blocked you from learning to think critically. It’s as though you were programmed to be docile and obedient, instead of being your most successful self… go figure!

From one moment to the next, we are being bombarded with propaganda, disinformation, misinformation, and outright lies from mainstream media, government, and corporations who want to take our freedoms away.

Building a life independent of tyranny and battling misinformation means being able to see through the muck quickly, efficiently, and effectively — something that traditional schooling has left us all sorely lacking.

Continued awakening requires continuous learning

Reality: There isn’t a school on the planet that will teach you what it takes to be Autonomous.

People are seeking meaning, substance, and competence. Unfortunately, this is not provided by the current system of schooling, university, and employment.

When blocked from their goals, people become frustrated and aggressive, making them perfect customers for either medication or incarceration.

Mainstream media, public schools, and universities don’t prepare us to understand how the world works in reality. It simply locks you into the standard of trading time for money, with no guarantee that you are going to have what you need to survive and thrive in today’s world.

Freedom itself is being extinguished around the world

As most of the world continues down a path towards less freedom and more chaos, it’s essential that we support each other on our quests for personal liberation. We need to help each other actualize our true potential.

Self-reliance and free trade depend on educating individuals in the exact areas of knowledge that were removed from American education to create 20th-century schooling…


FACT: 87% of Employees are unhappy with their jobs. – Forbes

For anyone looking to challenge themselves to break through to their next level, AUTONOMY is a course of action that empowers individuals to overcome substantial challenges and gain meaningful results. Unlike traditional universities, AUTONOMY has a success assurance team and multiple layers of structure to ensure that you can actually leverage what you learn and catalyze your potential in life.

Definition of Autonomy: “Liberty to follow one’s will, personal freedom.” – Oxford English Dictionary, definition 1b


When you uncover the knowledge and tools that the wealthy and powerful have kept hidden from you for over a century, you’ll be able to:

Fortify Your Intellectual Self Defense

Learn how to learn anything while gaining powerful discernment and critical thinking skills

Overcome the Scarcity Mindset

Exchange self-limiting beliefs for a mindset of growth and abundance, setting you up for success

See Time As Your Greatest Asset

With powerful productivity systems, you’ll get more done in a day than you used to do in a week

Know When You are Being Lied To

Become your own bullshit detector, spin decryptor, and best authority on what’s going on around you

Speak Clearly and Be Listened To

Know how to draw well thought out conclusions, present them in front of others, and be taken seriously

Listen and Provide Immense Value

Actively listen to others with empathy while helping them solve problems creatively and collaboratively

Leverage Entrepreneurship Skills

Pay for your desired lifestyle by creating and owning assets that deliver recurring, consistent revenue

Craft Compelling Offers

Know how to communicate value and present an offer (AKA = how to turn words into money)

Be The Captain Of Your Own Ship

Exit the rat race and actualize new levels of self-reliance, peace of mind, and cognitive liberty

All while being part of a thriving community of freedom-seekers across the world!

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Sometimes the Best Parts of the Journey are the Friends you
Make Along the Way

One of the best-kept hidden gems of AUTONOMY is the community. There are hundreds of students and graduates here, and every season gets richer and richer as it grows.

Develop meaningful relationships, get tons of support, and practice real-world skills in a fear-free zone of mutual respect and academic exploration.

Plus, it’s like a networking cornucopia. Source solutions, explore business partnerships and test your offers on a receptive audience while gaining referrals and testimonials along the way.

This is a unique opportunity to build a STRONG network of Independent, Self-Reliant, and Critical Thinking individuals, from all over the world.

AUTONOMY Season 01 Grads met In Real Life during the Red Pill Expo in Hartford CT, June 7-9th, 2019.


-Stephanie, Season 07


-Stephanie, Season 07


Richard Grove sees Freedom as being composed of three primary ingredients: Non-Aggression, Physical Self-Defense, and Intellectual Self-Defense.

Richard’s unique background as a 2004 corporate whistleblower (under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) who successfully represented himself in court has enabled him to effectively educate and inform those who seek to understand how our world really works.

While working through college to earn his business degree, Richard invested $5000 into a franchise opportunity where he was mentored in entrepreneurship skills.

Upon graduation, Richard took his entrepreneurship skills to market, and working for various silicon valley high tech companies, Richard leveraged his investment in himself and used the skills he learned to earn over one million dollars by age 30.

Since then, he has dedicated his time and invested his efforts to collecting evidence and exposing this ongoing corruption — and in turn, creating and developing solutions to provide individuals with Cognitive Liberty.

He had to start from scratch and build the map himself… Now, he’s providing that map to you.


The Tools of Success Have Been Purposely Scattered and Hidden.

These methods, principles, strategies and tactics are revealed over a 12-week Course of Action and Your Skills Are Built In Parallel to the Lectures.

It’s a one-stop shop for success.

Here’s a Breakdown of the AUTONOMY Course of Action

The Paramount Online Course

You will unleash the tools of self-reliance.




  • Shedding mental anchors, limiting beliefs, and false assumptions
  • How to consistently add value to the lives of others
  • Adopting and maintaining an attitude of gratitude
  • Getting organized and managing your time
  • Why the value of integrity is important in all aspects of life



  • How and why your potential has been thwarted
  • Investing your time and energy vs. spending it
  • Taking systematic action in order to remove obstacles
  • Casting aside learned helplessness and transforming fear
  • Recognizing that your potential is immense!



  • Releasing the baggage holding you back from success
  • Breaking out of a scarcity mindset and into one of abundance
  • How to leverage our failures calmly and coolly
  • Discovering how to use life experience as life skills
  • Invoking your conscious choice to make change in your life



  • Choosing your destination and identifying your path
  • Taking action to actualize what you want
  • Gaining confidence in order to become competent
  • Converting negative habits into productive ones
  • Putting fear and distraction behind to focus on success



  • Taking action toward defining then realizing your goals
  • Re-prioritizing your time to pick up momentum
  • How to identify invisible problems and self-motivate
  • Dispensing with apathy and confronting your fears
  • Gaining the raw materials to construct long-lasting success



  • Recognizing limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you
  • Building your confidence through repetition
  • Collecting the skills you need for your life’s journey
  • How to talk about challenging subjects
  • How to schedule your success and leverage new habits



  • Assets, liabilities, and skills to pay the bills
  • Devising a plan to exchange value with others
  • Understanding that listening is the key to the Art of Sales
  • Defining the skills of a genuine salesperson
  • How to sell without selling your soul



  • Being an honest problem solver who provides tremendous value
  • Building rapport with others without being manipulative
  • How to better understand your prospects and identify their needs
  • Knowing success is reliant upon one’s impetus to help others
  • Escaping scarcity and building a culture of excellence



  • Gaining confidence through taking action
  • How to create, price, and market a product or service
  • Knowing what “done right” looks like
  • How to prioritize your actions and time
  • How you can be a valuable asset to the course of action



  • Knowing the most valuable asset you have is your mind
  • How to craft an effective offer and communicate it effectively
  • How to bridge the gap between education and action
  • Leveraging your skills to have more money than you need
  • Understanding the essential components of internet marketing



  • Learn the anatomy of a money-printing machine
  • Creating engaging lead magnets that deliver value
  • Best practices for landing pages and opt-ins
  • Learn the key to turning traffic into sales
  • Tripwire products, podcasts, and optimizing resources



  • Putting all the puzzle pieces together
  • How to win a rigged game
  • How and why this roadmap was created
  • Taking consistent action to move you closer to your goals
  • Paving the way for what’s next

It’s A Skeleton Key
For Success!

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-Vishal Season 07


How to set up your business and the basics of being your own boss

How to leverage webinars and build an email following

How to process notes to make them into assets instead of liabilities

How to write copy that grabs attention and leads to “Yes”

How to capitalize on your experience with coaching and mentoring

How to inspire others to catalyze their potential and explore cognitive liberty!

How to ditch the victim mentality and take responsibility for your life.

How to recognize your value and start your own consulting practice

How to build marketing funnels and generate leads

Grades? Report Cards? Exams?


Real success is not measured by these compulsory schooling standards, which only lead to procrastination, avoidance, and fear of failure.

Integration exercises and real-life experiences are where
the real growth happens here.

In AUTONOMY, you measure your own success.

My goal is to present you with the missing components which comprise ​a reliable, consistent method of achieving success in a practical, useful way.

As I present the various components of the course, you’ll be able to assess my performance in terms of practical applicability; this ensures that this is not a “rhetorical” course but rather a hands-on, participatory learning environment.

YOU WILL transition from home work to work from home, or wherever you want to be as you learn to prosper – and repeat.

“Richard’s autonomy course is more than your average SELF-HELP course. It provides solutions conducive to the growth of the individual.”

-Anthony R. Season 03

When You Join AUTONOMY, The Door Is Open For Life

There’s a reason we offer lifetime access. Every season gets richer and richer as the community grows. AUTONOMY graduates find themselves auditing the course again and again.

What is it that keeps them coming back?

The opportunity to forge new relationships – One of the best parts of a new season is watching the culture of excellence expand and grow

The chance to absorb the material from a fresh perspective as your goals and priorities naturally evolve over time

The guarantee to glean something new each season — With hours and hours of insights and bonus material, the growth never ends


students and

Join AUTONOMY QUEST with the AUTONOMY Graduates
for an open meeting where you can explore all that AUTONOMY has to offer. Hear their success stories and ask them questions.

Bring your curiosity, your passion for discovery, and your willingness to try something new!

You will walk away from this free event empowered with options for growth so you can break free and move forward — whether you decide to join AUTONOMY or not.

Still on the fence?
There’s more…

AUTONOMY also offers:

  • Year-round events, courses and activities
  • A Lifetime community of like-minded peers
  • Guest speakers and a library of hundreds of hours of presentations
  • Tons of additional resources (too many to list here)
  • The chance to be part of an exclusive test audience for new courses

PLUS a growing library of bonus courses on critical thinking, sovereignty, budgeting, communication, permaculture, and more that unlock for free upon graduation.


People who practice AUTONOMY set their own bedtime, wake up when they want, and spend their days living a high quality of life. 🙂


People who practice AUTONOMY set their own bedtime, wake up when they want, and spend their days living a high quality of life. 🙂

In the simplest possible terms,
here is what you get in AUTONOMY:

  • 12 High-Value Live Friday Night Lectures with Richard Grove
  • Live Q&A Sessions 2x Per Week Each Season
  • Integration Exercises To Accelerate Growth
  • 3 Bonus Lectures and Materials
  • Tons of Supplemental Resources
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Course, Community, and Bonus Libraries
  • Entrepreneurship Skills Training
  • Sales Training and Practice
  • Internet Marketing Training
  • Communication, Public Speaking, and Interview Training
  • Critical Thinking and Research Skills
  • Productivity and Organization Systems
  • Time Management Skills
  • Endless Networking Opportunities
  • Confidence, Discipline, and Focus
  • Oodles of Support Every Step of the Way
  • The Chance To Forge Meaningful Relationships
  • Cognitive Liberty and Self Reliance

Concerns of Students

Before They Were Students

How can I trust myself to realize the benefits?

This course teaches you to know thyself, to consistently practice integrity, and to trust yourself to benefit. Autonomy helps students emancipate themselves from limiting beliefs ingrained through 15,000 hours of public schooling. You will learn elements of self-knowledge which enables you to make a plan for getting from point A to point B with consistency, structure, and motivation. Learn how to break through the excuses, get past perceived limitations, overcome obstacles, and scale up your life.

It costs a lot of money, how can I be sure it’s worth it?

I’ve designed this course to deliver tangible value to your life within a short period of time (in fact, the principles taught can be put into practice immediately). I don’t believe students should be asked to make an investment which doesn’t have the potential to pay for itself. When the skills taught in this course are put into practice, Autonomy becomes an asset (that which puts money into your pocket). After internalizing the curriculum and practicing the exercises, you’ll understand how to offer your value and transact in the world, which liberates you from a scarcity mindset (worried about where money is going to come from). The breakthroughs students achieve throughout the course propel them to stop making excuses and start finding solutions.

I want to take the course but I don’t know how to get the funding

Sourcing funds for this course will require a degree of self-discipline on your part to make a plan of action and then follow through with it. In order to do that, you must confront your scarcity mindset (the idea that money, employment, opportunities, etc are in short supply) and be willing to invest your time and resources instead of simply spending them. Investing time means focusing on that which teaches you everyday skills, high value skills, skills to pay the bills – skills which allow you to attain and maintain freedom. (That’s what we teach in Autonomy). Spending time means letting opportunities pass you by and continuing to focus on that which drains time & money away without a plan to pay for itself. You can start by evaluating how much of your resources are currently being drained by liabilities, and redirecting them toward that which will provide lasting value.

I have immediate financial obligations and can’t add more

This course is designed to teach you various methods of making it pay for itself. Autonomy is an asset, which enables you to put money into your pocket. If you don’t take this step, you’ll be left with the status quo method of meeting your obligations, which has resulted in the current obstacle(s) plaguing your life. Your current approach is already cutting off your opportunities to grow and if this problem is not solved, the issues will only become worse. Do you have a plan to triage and heal this wound before it festers uncontrollably? Outgrow the status quo by:

  • Learning to prioritize your time/attention/energy
  • Learn the methodology of taking your offer to market
  • Learn which high-value skillsets are in demand
  • Learn how to meet your needs in a self-reliant way

Learn your way forward and grow in the light direction!

How can I spend more time & attention on something when I’m stretched thin now?

Autonomy will help you distinguish between spending your time and investing your time. To get the most out of the course, students should be prepared to invest about 5-10 hours per week, which could be spread out in a number of ways. Students often begin to build momentum and receive such value within just a few weeks of participation, they find they’re able to begin eliminating lesser uses of their time and dedicate more time to applying the skills being taught. You will learn ways to manage your time, get things done productively, overcome obstacles, and build better habits through self discipline so you can focus on your goals and move forward.

I haven’t figured out yet what I’m doing in life; is there a way to find out?

You don’t need to have all the answers to begin this course. In fact, you’ll be in good company if you don’t. In some cases, it’s better to have no idea than to pursue an unrealistic idea. The key is knowing where and how to find the answers you need. This course helps you to realize your full potential by teaching elements of self-knowledge as well as discovering your inclinations and applying them to high value skill sets. You’ll learn to incorporate productive habits through self-discipline, which allows you to put together a strong plan to get you where you want to go in life. Additionally, the Autonomy community is full of inspiring minds ready to spark your thinking about how to creatively implement your energy.

I feel guilty about monetizing my passion/hobby

You may feel that you owe the world your product or service without charge, and that is likely because you are a genuine, caring person who is trying to make the world a better place. As students progress through the course, they start to realize that this hang-up has been intentionally introduced to keep individuals from challenging the status quo and bringing new ideas into the world. Begin by simply recognizing that this self-limiting attitude does not bring you (and ultimately the world) value but rather prevents you from growing and becoming self-reliant. Once this dynamic is re-framed, students realize that monetizing passion actually revolves around delivering massive value to those you’re serving, and it won’t feel cringeworthy to make your offer. Indeed, it will be quite the opposite.

Won’t things get better if I just…wait/hope/work harder/fill in blank

Self-reliance begins with the understanding that things will not get better without you taking some meaningful and consistent action. Buckminster Fuller once wrote, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” They/Them/Those who are writing the script of the future are not writing you into it. You’ve got to take action and write the script for your own life. This course is not for those who are sedentary and just hoping that others will take the actions to resolve the erosion of personal liberty, individual freedom, privacy, entrepreneurship, and the amazing world economy which we now enjoy. Most people do not understand the technological structure of our society and don’t realize the reality of the future we face. Those people likely think “things will get better once (fill in the blank).” They won’t. Learning and implementing the skills taught in this course are vital to attaining, maintaining, and retaining individual freedom.

I’m looking for community but is it authentic/valuable if I have to pay for it?

The self-knowledge and high-value skills which result from this course rely heavily on the community in which they are forged. Skills must be practiced, offers made, solutions sought, and it is within the Autonomy community, distinguished by a culture of excellence unlike any other, that you will find yourself in an atmosphere which propels you forward. Fellow Autonomy students and graduates are instrumental in motivating, encouraging, supporting, and providing accountability. Here, you can build a diverse network of people looking to provide value and expand personal freedom. The Autonomy community is one of the least-advertised yet most valuable aspects of the course.

I don’t know how to communicate well or work with others

It’s a given that most folks have poor communication skills; it’s one of the most common self-limitations that Autonomy consistently helps students overcome. This problem is rapidly addressed within the first few weeks, and through the use of integration exercises, students quickly begin to outgrow such barriers and learn to thrive. This is a long-lasting, life-changing transformation and it begins with just a few simple, easy exercises getting to know fellow students and make connections in a meaningful, substantial way.

I’m worried about adding additional stress to my family/relationships

The reality is that there is already stress on today’s family. What causes relational stress? People being out of integrity, people assuming instead of asking, absence of planning and organization, ambiguities which stoke the fear of unknowns. Under life’s pressures, many don’t survive marriage for more than a few years. But what if spouses and families could be on the same page about important topics? What if everyone had a method for managing their time, validating the contents of their minds and their communications, resolving disputes and being able to identify when someone is trying to deceive them? The potential for the family would be IGNITED! Vision focused, goals in frame, actions synchronized in motion, together. That’s a stress-free environment, and that’s just part of what Autonomy offers.

Do you teach competency in any specific software or applications to serve the entrepreneurial goals of your students and clients?

Great question. We show our tech stack to our students and encourage them to use what is working for their own purposes. We support content and course creation, and like in the case of Benny Wills, we helped him to build a course that is now supporting his family. We also have other active media, copywriting, and communications/sales groups that share resources and help each other build skills. Additionally, Autonomy Unlimited is a marketing agency that has an internship program where you can cut your teeth on various projects.

Exclusive AUTONOMY Double-Decker Guarantee

Exclusive AUTONOMY Double-Decker Guarantee

We guarantee that the resources, materials, facilities, and curriculum of AUTONOMY will be made available and that for students who invest a minimum of 10% of their time per week into the AUTONOMY curriculum, the methods, principles, strategies, tactics are readily graspable and easily integrated. Coupling that foundation with the community networking aspect within this course of breakthrough actions, individuals are set up for success, having reduced the challenges and mitigated the obstacles in their path – leaving them empowered and supported to move forward.

Ready For The Next Step?

If you can recognize the problem and seek a comprehensive solution that will help you save money and make money, you’re going to benefit immensely.



Read, Think, Write, Speak; the ability to form new beneficial habits.


100% confidence you can make this work for you — if you learned to walk, and talk, you can do this.

If you can connect to the internet and follow a plan, then you can do AUTONOMY

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The Elephant in the Room:


Fear. The darkness of the unknown or yet-to-be-seen. You might be thinking that this is too big of a challenge to undertake, that you might not be disciplined enough to prioritize time in your calendar to integrate the useful knowledge and wisdom encapsulated in this course.

But what if you CAN muster that discipline and integrate this knowledge into your skillset, allowing your potential to blossom? If you can do that, you can overcome your fear with planning, learning, and growing in the light direction.

You wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t interested in leveling up your life.

So you have 3 options:

1) You can give up your dream of being autonomous

2) You can invest the same work on your own, without a map, over years and years

3) You can invest in the AUTONOMY course (and yourself) and leverage the benefit of the knowledge transfer

What sounds more reasonable?

The AUTONOMY methodology and nonlinear curriculum deliver consistent results. If you integrate the method it will work for you and it never runs out of batteries.

Instead of wandering aimlessly, hoping to find what you’re looking for, let AUTONOMY provide you with a compass, map, and community so you can actively get to where you want to be.

What are you waiting for?

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