Autonomy Cured My Paralysis by Analysis

Written by Tony

Posted On September 9, 2019

If it weren’t for that education, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Before having took the course, my vision of the future was hazy, unrealistic to the point of absurdity, and my ability to take action was under constant stress. With notions of grandeur came a pressure to perform. Couple that with a habit of procrastination, and disaster is sure to be had. 

And that’s not all! My vision of the future, while grand, was always in a state of change. Ever-shifting and amorphous. And this was due to the fact that I was interested in so many different things! Not only that, but the internet is rife with information. With so much competing for my attention, it was hard to focus on one thing long enough to gain a comprehensive understanding. 

As you can see, this all stems from a lack of discipline. And this is where Autonomy comes into the picture. 

For years I’d followed the work of tragedyandhope, and so was naturally on the mailing list when the Autonomy announcement was sent out. Having already been exposed so thoroughly to their exhaustive learning resources, I was immediately set on participating with the intent of making something of myself. 

It was that decision that led me on a journey of self-discovery and self-discipline. Constantly I’m being challenged, by myself, and my fellow autono-mizers. By dedicating myself to this path, I’ve exposed myself to a “culture of excellence”. A culture of excellence is synergistic social environment where members constantly seek to empower others by encouraging them to always strive to push past the boundaries of what we previously believed ourselves capable of. To find where our real limitations lie. To empower them through the use of reason, and help them help themselves. 

In Autonomy, the culture of excellence surrounding you wants you to become autonomous- An individual capable of reflection, critical thinking, and self-correction. This results in a recipe for richness of mind and character, if one is willing to enter the forge and wield the hammer. 

Interested in joining us at the forge? Click here. 

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Written by Tony

Gets excited about inquiry and making arguments. Has an interest in helping others embrace a growth mindset. Also likes to code and take on challenging puzzles.

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