New Speak (Language of A Pandemic)

Written by Khaliq Sim

Posted On May 26, 2020

After watching The Corbett Report video “Stop Calling It Contact Tracing,” I was compelled to carry on Corbett’s message of pointing out double speak in my own interpretation. This exercise took on more elaborate forms after receiving contributions and suggestions from my fellow “autonomizers.” This task went from a mere collection of propaganda, to a comprehensive poem with foot notes. Better yet, it blossomed into a collaboration between my love for creative expression, and the Autonomy Member Blog. I now contribute to the Autonomy Member Blog, and what better way is there to introduce myself, than presenting a poetic piece about today’s language; with the remembrance of yesterday’s propaganda.



Nothings new,

But the current speech

Conniving streaks of double speak,

Gas lighting the minds of the school of sheep

Currently we are witnessing the musical chairs

Of distraction

Yesterday’s trend is tomorrow’s fashion,

Here’s the proof from today’s linguistic traction

New World Order” is now the “New Normal

Big Brother” is now your friendly “snitch,”

I mean “Contact Tracer

Remember when “Martial Law” was the line in the sand?

Well, today we all know “self-quarantine

Has taken its demand

Yesterday’s euphemism is today’s “essential worker

Crowd control” and “mind control” are no longer fads,

Social distancing” will pick up its tab

Let’s not pretend, that when most people hear the word “pandemic,”

They actually hear “Plandemic

Let’s all agree, when we hear “Coronavirus” we can all ponder “false flag

When you hear “philanthropic” you can ->inject<- “Trojan horse

Don’t forget, what was once robber barons is now the “good club,”

And yesteryears “Rockefeller” is today’s “Gates

Yesterday’s “Never Forget” is today’s “we’re all in this together,”

Every crisis has its jingle, the slogan for today’s new single

Yesterday’s “Nostradamus” is today’s conspiracy theorist

When you come across a check point, think TSA 2.0

When you kick back, and watch the bread & circus,

Don’t forget you’re just “Netflix and chilling

When you spend that “Hush money,” I mean that “Stimulus Check,”

Pay homage to “Socialism

Next time you hear “Flatten the curve,”

Remind yourself, where were the “Weapons of mass destruction?”

If you find yourself reading “Operation Warp Speed,”

Remind yourself of “MK ULTRA

Oh, when they try to force vaccinate,

Think of “Eugenics” and “population control,”

I mean, think of the climate change formula P x S x E x C = C02

Lest we forget, the effects of the “Patriot Act,”

We can be reminded by today’s H.R.6666 (The TRACE Act)



Language of A Pandemic 


New World OrderThe New Normal
Snitch/Big BrotherContract Tracer
Martial LawSelf-quarantine
EuphemismEssential Worker
Crowd control/Mind ControlSocial distancing
False FlagCoronavirus
Trojan HorsePhilanthropy
“Never Forget”“We’re All in This Together”
Conspiracy theoristNostradamus
Check PointTSA 2.0
Netflix & ChillBread & Circus
Hush MoneyStimulus Check
Weapons of mass destructionFlatten The Curve
Eugenics/Population ControlForced Vaccination
Patriot actH.R.6666 (TRACE) Act


If you find yourself (as I have) looking for an environment to help you sort through newspeak, and sacristy mindset during a time of crisis? Check out Autonomy, the self development “underground railroad” of independent thinkers practicing the skills for lifelong success.

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Written by Khaliq Sim

Creative writer, finding contribution through creative stories. Looking to build complementary skills to my creativity through video editing, and diversified writing.

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Joshua Hale
3 years ago

Fantastic collection!

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